Our family enjoys taking vacation trips to new places.  Much of the enjoyment coming from planning the trip and then waiting with anticipation and counting down the days until the day of the trip finally arrives.  It can be difficult deciding where to visit next with so many places and things to see.  We have traveled to major cities on the east and west coast of the United States and Canada, visited National Parks from Acadia in Maine to Yosemite in California, taken cruises to Bermuda, the Caribbean, and Alaska.  We even found time to visit Disney World, Disneyland, Busch Gardens Tampa and Williamsburg, Universal Studios, and Sea World theme parks.  Also, we wouldn’t want to forget the time we spent in Hawaii or traversing Ireland from coast to coast.  Many of our vacations have been by car or flying and renting a car.  To us, the drive is part of the experience as we see new and different landscapes and meet people along the way.  We also really like having all of our gear with us that you just can’t take when flying, especially now that there are so many luggage restrictions. The goal of our vacation and travel website is to provide information on places our family has vacationed and in so doing, possibly tweak the interest of others looking for information or ideas for their next vacation trip.  We’ve included a few pictures of our travels in order to better highlight some of the sites we’ve seen on our vacations.  Have fun and enjoy!     Made with Xara